Children really love playing with toys and as research clearly shows, there are also many adults who secretly play with toys in their free time. The quality of a toy determines how long it will last and a high quality toy should be very difficult to break. There are toy companies that are committed to manufacturing high quality and durable toys that provide your child great playing time . Below are the  5 biggest toys companies in the world in 2017.

5. Lego
This toy company has been around for many years and it’s clearly regarded as one of the best toy companies in the world. This company provides children with the ability to be creative and create any item that they want. The Lego come in different sizes depending on the age of the child. Smaller children should use bright and big blocks that allow them to manipulate things at ease. It is worth noting down that Lego have been around for many years and they’re also able to adapt some popular themes that allow them to form Lego sets. There is many Lego Series such as Lego Star Wars and Lego Friends.

4. Hasbro
What makes Hasbro very popular is their ability to make different types of toys. They’re popular for making high quality educational toys and action figures. Many children love action figures especially when they resemble some cartoon characters. Hasbro makes toys like Beyblades and transformers. They put approximately 311 different types of toys in the market each year. This toy company is always trying to develop and expand and their toys can be found in almost every store.

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3. Nintendo
You can’t mention the best toy companies in the world without naming Nintendo. This game company is considered to be a classic and it’s actually responsible for creating the Mario Brothers which are actually still very popular today. Nintendo games can be played by all children regardless of their age. Nintendo is trying to adapt different systems to try and keep up with the changing market. Popular games like Pokémon and Sonic are all developed by Nintendo and they’re played by both children and adults.

2. Mattel
This company is very popular in the world and it’s actually responsible for making one toy that is actually very popular for most little girls. The company developed Barbie, which is a toy that is adored by many little girls. This classic toy has been popular for many decades and the company is expanding both Barbie’s and her friends looks by giving her a more ethnic and diverse look. The toy also comes with many accessories, cars and clothing. The childhood of any little girl is not complete until she has a Barbie toy.

1. VTech
This is the most popular toy company in the world and is known for making educational Vtech toys for children. They make toys for teens, preteens and also children. The company also makes books for learners that allow them to easily follow various concepts as the toy reads to them. VTech also makes computers for children and there are various games in the computers that are specifically designed for the children. They are focusing on the baby toy , toddlers and young kids toys.

These are some of the 5 biggest toys companies in the world in 2017. The toys are educational to the children and allow them to have some fun as well. Toys are very important to children because they help them make amazing childhood memories that will never be forgotten.