Best places to open a new restaurant in 2018

In establishing a restaurant, there are certain factors that must be taken into consideration. In picking out a location for the restaurant, the first thing to do is analyze demand; this includes population growth of the said location and density and factored in median income and income growth. Determining all these can be simple as well as complex depending on how you make it. There are sophisticated location analytical tools which include; demographic and lifestyle data, traffic pattern information and competitive analyses.


These are some of the best places in the world to set up a restaurant.
1. Cedar Park, Texas
This city is a major suburb of Austin with an estimated population of about 75,226 according to the 2017 census. It is a fast-growing county with a small city population extending to Travis County. Cedar Park has a number of financial incentive programs available for businesses that are creating new job opportunities, increasing the local tax base and bring about a rise in the local per capita income of this county. This is one of those best places to start up a restaurant business without any stress. It is fast growing and as the years go by, there is a 10% estimated increase in the population of this county.

2. Macau, China
This is another fast-growing city in the world with an 8% rise in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employment increase by 4.2% in 2017. There is a rapid influx of people in this city, thus a total population of about 650,900 (2017 census). This rapid influx of people has brought about rapid development in this city. As a result, businesses are emerging, boosting up the local economy and living standards of the inhabitants. A restaurant business will be one of the best businesses to establish in this city.

3. Oslo, Norway
This is the largest city in Norway with a total population of 648,000. This city has ranked first in terms of the lifestyle quality in Europe and also the second most expensive city in the world. Looking at the living standards, it is very high, with a very stable economy as such deserves a good restaurant for its inhabitants.

4. Tokyo
Who doesn’t want to visit Tokyo? Not found anyone yet. With the influx of tourist, the on daily bases deserves a good and luxurious restaurant for its inhabitants. Make sure you invest in nice hot food display to attract Japaneses as their are very visual.

5. Luanda, Angola
This is one of the African countries where living standard is considered high. If you want to invest in the restaurant business in Africa, Luanda has got that great site for you. With a population of about 5.9 million people and a growth rate of +4.4%.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark
With its economically stable condition and high standard of living, there is an influx of investors and visitors in this country. You need to open a restaurant in 2018, try Copenhagen-Denmark.

7. Toulouse, France
The total population of Toulouse amounts to 441,802, more than enough population to consume in one of 2018 most sophisticated restaurant.

8. New Square, New York
New York is noted as one of the biggest cities in the world, with its extravagant lifestyle, economic growth and growing population of 6,944, perfect for a restaurant in 2018. When you start a new restaurant in New York, we also recommend that you invest in social media, Google Adwords and Google Maps to promote your business ad beginning

9. Franklin, Tennesse; Due to a rapid increase in population in this City, trying a restaurant business in 2017 will be exciting and profitable.

10. Fishers Indiana; With a population of about 90,127, the economy keeps skyrocketing as many people flock to this city, a restaurant business will play the trick.

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Washtech Dishwashers

Washtech Dishwashers are machines that are useful in cleaning the dirty dishes in a commercial environment, and it assists in making the kitchen look graceful and clean. When one decides to buy the dishwasher from the market, some tips should be kept in mind. Commercial dishwashers are one of the central piece in a commercial kitchen. The first thing that customer needs to consider is the energy consumption of the dishwasher per year. It is a well-known fact that lower the energy consumed by the machines higher would be the overall saving on the electricity bill. The dishwashers have a guideline that tells about the energy consumption of the machine. You can find more information about energy consumption on

The cost of dishwashers depends upon the features that it has, better the features higher would be the cost of the machine. Most of the dishwashers work efficiently with hot water so one should use hot water while working with dishwasher. Dishwashers that have foldable racks make the working of the machine more convenient and easy. The dishwashers work on load cycles. More load cycles are required to place different types of dishes like pans, pots, and crystals, making the dishwashers very useful utility.

More advanced and better Washtech dishwashers have the beneficial tool of ‘fuzzy logic.’ Fuzzy logic is a kind of sensor that helps the dishwasher to find out how much dirty the utensils are. The machine changes the wash cycle according to the level of dirt, thus saving both electric power and warm water. Dishwashers use less hot water, as compared with washing dishes manually. The dishwashers have inbuilt holes in it; these holes spray the soap on the dirty dishes. The dishwashers with the smaller size of the hole are considered as efficient as it allows a better spray of soap on the dishes.

As per Cafe ideas article, the cleaning efficiency of the washtech dishwasher also depends upon the detergent used for cleaning the dishes. Nowadays, keeping the environment safety in mind, eco-friendly detergents are available in the market. These detergents or soap are made up of enzymes (phosphate free detergent) and are more conducive to human health. Some residue of the detergents is justify on the dishes, and they can enter into our body with food particles.

The working of Washtech dishwashers is quite simple; the dirty utensils are placed into the dishwasher and water is sprayed on them. The water is sprayed through holes present in the dishwasher. The water jet removes the dirt particles from the dishes making them clean and neat. The holes present in the dishwashers should be cleaned regularly to avoid them from getting blocked with dirt particles. The point of spray can be cleaned and cleared with the help of vinegar and hot water (to clear mineral clogged on the hole).

A Washtech dishwasher uses hot water to clean the dishes, so a major part of the energy is consumed in heating the water. The best step for reducing the energy consumption in the dishwasher is to reduce the quantity of water required for cleaning dishes. The dishwashers are given labels according to their working efficiency, so the consumer should carefully check labels before buying the machine.

Dishwashers should be plugged into an outlet that is present near the ground. The use of an extension for dishwasher must be avoided as it can lead to the machine getting out of order. In case the iron present in the water causes rusting in the dishwashers structure, the user should use rust removers. Find more options for more commercial glass washers.

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How Robot Coupe became the #1 food processor

With the increase in technology, the resources we have for our daily needs are being upgraded continuously. Advancing technology has made it possible for us to process and prepare our food items with more ease. We now have access to all kinds of electrical equipment and food processors so that our tasks in the kitchen become easy, scientific and hygienic. Earlier there used to exist manual food processors and manual tools with which we used to prepare and process our food items. Nowadays we have access to all kinds of food processors which are both state of the art and effective in reducing our manual labor. There are a lot of food processing companies which exist today, but one such name has broken all barriers of distance and has emerged as one of the leading food processing companies today in the world. In this article, we shall talk about how Robot Coupe emerged from being the popular food processing manufacturer in France to the whole world.


Robot Coupe and food processors

When it comes to food processors, a lot of things come to mind like blenders, purifiers, vegetable choppers, mixer grinders, etc. To facilitate repetitive and tedious tasks in the kitchen, we need food processors as they simplify the task for us. Also it is possible to prepare large quantities of food items with these processors. In France around the year 1960, Robot coupe was born when a salesman noticed that his customers were taking too much time in the kitchen chopping and preparing food products. The company made use of electrical motors which were popular at that time in France and incorporated them into patented designs. The company strive hard to produce designs and products which would suit the needs of households throughout the country. They began to manufacture food processors which would make t immensely easy to prepare food items on a large scale. Soon they developed processors to be used on a industrial scale and wiped other competitors from business.

Dedication innovation and research

The company has dedicated itself to produce the very best of food processors. The company through its research and development and its endeavour to give customers the best service and support has made it a leading worldwide standard of the industry in food processing today. The company arrived and established itself in the United States through various shows, seminars, exhibitions and events. Conventions throughout the country make the name of Robot Coupe synonymous among food processors. The company has spread globally and now is present in almost all of the continents today including Oceania. The company now has widespread recognition in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. The company is now the leader in the refinement and development of food processors, preparation units for vegetables and combination processing parts. In 1998, Robot Coupe introduced the “Blixer” to the world. It is a combination of a blender and food processor in one machine. It enabled the healthcare industry to serve the same food to everyone on their facility by processing food for the patients with modified needs without any loss of nutrients. The Blixer also helps chefs prepare the smoothest of purees and patties in seconds.

Commercial Kitchen Design

Petra Group is expanding their design and office interior design team with new crew members featuring some of the most talented designer in the hospitality designer. From concept, we start with your commercial kitchen design on Auto CAD your project in 2D then 3D. We list your catering equipment and furniture needed for your restaurant.

We move into the estimation and options level where one of our professional will assist you in choosing the right oven, mixer, commercial dishwashers and so on. Once we have all of it listed and prepare an application to submit to the Council. Once approved, we start your project and you just have to relax until your shop is ready for take off.