Life coaching is one of the most satisfying careers out there. As a life coach you will be able to help others better their lives and make some money while at it. Coaching helps people understand their goals with clarity, work on them and reach them faster. As a life coach you will be an integral part of the success of many people. If you have been thinking of becoming one it is time to take the plunge and try it. But the question I; how to become a life coach? What do you need? Here is an in-depth look at all that is involved in becoming a life coach.

Do you have what it takes?

Sadly, not everyone can become a life coach. There are some characteristics and skills one must possess for them to be successful as a life coach. Wealth is not one of these. Contrary to what some people believe, a life coach does not have to be someone who is extremely successful.

One of the most important attributes that an aspiring life coach must have is the desire to help people. You will meet people of different backgrounds and cultures. You need to know how to handle this diversity without hurting anyone. Your listening skills should be excellent and so should be your verbal and written communication skills. You should also have the ability to motivate, challenge and inspire people to achieve their goals.

Educational Requirements

To become a life coach you will need to have a high quality education. Some of the most successful life coaches have educational backgrounds in Psychology and counselling. This is not compulsory though. You can be a professional in any field and still make a great life coach.

Though certification is not considered mandatory there are people who just wake up one day and start proclaiming themselves as life coaches. This is not right. The best way to begin your journey to being a successful life coach is by enrolling for a respected coach training program. Ensure that the program is accredited by ICF, International Coach Federation which is the body in charge of coaching.

According to ICF, an aspiring coach must master several things before they are certified. These include setting the foundation, co-creating the relationship, communicating effectively and facilitating learning and results.

You will be required to attend classes which will be around 125 to 300 hours. There are coaching classes offered online as well as in physical classrooms so you can choose one that suits you best. After the classes you will be required to sit for an exam after which you will be certified.

How to become a life coach; the steps

1. Research coach training programs. Consider the fee and convenience.

2. Determine your niche and enroll for training.

3. Start the training and aim to get the most from it. At the end you will have your certificate.

4. Start your life coaching business. You can do so as an individual or partner with other life coaches.

5. Create a website and social media presence where you will be marketing your life coaching business. You can be doing the coaching online or meet physically with the clients.

6. Market the business and give clients the best services. From now on the sky is the limit!